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Turn-key Training For Start-ups

We are passionate about helping brand new start-up companies enhance their competitive position and spur immediate growth with affordable turn-key distributor training programs.

Imagine two powerful, interactive virtual courses ready at the time of your launch…

1) A Powerful 60 Day Fast Start Training

2) An inspiring Step-Up To Leadership Training

Direct Selling Mastery Group CEO, Jane Deuber understands what it means to launch a company on a shoestring. She and her husband founded a party plan company in 1987 with just $5000. While she sold that company after growing it to multi-million dollar status, she has never forgotten how challenging it was to find affordable, cutting-edge training solutions that she could provide her distributors right from the start.

Today, the Direct Selling Mastery Group faculty is comprised of the best trainers in the direct selling industry, boasting a combined 100 years of field and executive experience. Each turn-key training program is comprised of time-tested industry best practices, next-generation innovation and our signature element… powerful guidance on how to manage the inner game of direct selling. All these come together in powerful, virtually delivered trainings that inspire participation, track progress and teach the principles of direct selling success.

If you are a start-up that is committed to empower your people with cutting edge training right from the start, contact us for a complimentary strategy session and discover our affordable virtual training solutions.  Your online academy can be white-labeled, populated and distributor ready in as little as two weeks.