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When Jane participates as a speaker or trainer at your corporate event she delivers much more than an inspiring speech with great information. Jane’s presentations create an energetic shift that infuses your entire event with a sense of change and possibility.  She accomplishes this by delivering a character-altering message that speaks to the very heart of the blocks that are holding them back. She then provides mind-shifting information that leaves attendees with a new level of committed to reaching for the next level of excellence in their lives and business.

Partial Client List

Accentz Pure Romance
Arbonne Signature Home Styles
AtHome America Univera
Cookie Lee Uppercase Living
For Every Home Watkins Inc.
Gold Canyon Candles AICI
Jafra Cosmetics Asian World Council, Malaysia
Jewel Kade Direct Selling Women's Alliance
Jolica E-Women's Network
Once Upon A Family become Beauty
  Demarle at Home

Most Requested Speech Topics

Four Steps to Mastering The Art of Sponsoring

Four Powerful Truths to Growing Your Team with Ease, Authenticity and Results
This training will empower your people in the four key areas of direct selling success... mindset, prospecting, interviewing and personal power. By addressing the three values-disconnects that are keeping your people from sponsoring, she takes the lid of their potential – prompting a sponsoring revolution within the field.

Empowerment Leadership For Rapid Team Growth

How to coach, train and lead your team to higher levels of leadership
This training, for all levels of leaders, will transform how they see their role as a leader and inspire them to step into their role more powerfully to lead others to the top. Let Jane empower your leaders to be better coaches, trainers and mentors with this unparalleled leadership training program.

Creative Marketing Strategies For Direct Seller

How to create an endless stream of new clients, team members and referral partners
This training will inspire your people to connect with a higher caliber of prospect so their sales are high, their teams grow more quickly and they enjoy the process along the way. Let Jane help your people expand their network with greater skill and confidence.

To inquire about having Jane speak at your next live event or explore how one of her virtual training programs can impact positive change between your live events, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 831-375-6856.